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Webinar on the crimes of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in the new Penal Code

Typification, strengths and weaknesses

Honduras, November 11, 2020. The Inter-institutional Commission against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons (CICESCT) of Honduras and Lawyers Without Borders Canada held a webinar on the criminalization, strengths and weaknesses of the crimes of sexual exploitation and trafficking in persons in the new Honduran Criminal Code. National experts from CICESCT and the Public Ministry participated in the webinar, as well as international panelists from Lawyers Without Borders and UNODC.
This event - transmitted through the CICESCT HN Facebook - was attended by 608 people.
As custodians of the Palermo Protocol, UNODC presented the international regulations on the subject, international mechanisms that issue recommendations on the issues modified by the new Honduran Criminal Code. Lourdes Gutierrez, UNODC expert, spoke about the challenges currently posed by the entry into force of the decriminalization of some modalities of human trafficking.

Gutierrez recalled that the Human Being is NOT FOR SALE OR RENT and that a greater effort is required to protect the victims and to carry out the investigations of the cases under these new circumstances.
Similarly, Gutiérrez offered UNODC's technical support for the proposals of legal modifications that are required, in order to return to compliance with international regulations on human trafficking.