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UNODC ROPAN Working Papers

UNODC ROPAN has launched a series of "Working Papers" aimed at supporting Governmental and Non-governmental authorities in addressing the complex issues covered by the UNODC mandate, including: Criminal Justice and Prison Reform, Border Control, Drug and Crime Prevention, Human Trafficking, Corruption). These documents are characterized by the use of a fast forward language, using empirical cases to exemplify daily challenges of governmental authorities. 

Prison Reform

Working Paper: Civil Society and Prisons: The "Invisible Bars" Challenge, February 2014 

Community Policing

 Working Paper: The Application of Police Integration Techniques in Urban Communities, August 2014 (available in Spanish only)

Illicit Trafficking of Wildlife

Working Paper: The use of criminal analysis in investigating crimes against wildlife and forests: a focus on procedures and investigation techniques, March 2015 (available in Spanish only)