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Workshop for judicial officials on litigation techniques for money laundering cases

Panama, May 31 st, 2019. Within the framework of the CRIMJUST project, financed by the European Union and the Project for the consolidation of the Criminal Procedure Reform in Panama whose counterpart is the Judicial Body, UNODC ROPAN developed the workshop on "Litigation tools to present cases of money laundering in an oral trial", on May 29, 30 and 31, at the Judiciary School of Panama Dr. Cesar Augusto Quintero Correa.

In this workshop participated ergio Aleo, official of the Anticorruption Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina; Maximiliano Breide, Chief Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Province of Neuquen, Argentina; and of Mrs. Grisell Mojica, UNODC Project Coordinator.

The workshop was attended by 24 people (11 women and 13 men), among officials of the Judicial Branch, Public Defender's Office and the Public Prosecutor's Office, who had the opportunity to: review the international legal framework regarding money laundering; analyze the different money laundering crimes contemplated in Panamanian legislation, as well as review the new legislation on the tax evasion crime and its connection with money laundering; incorporate knowledge regarding modern techniques for crime investigations, especially oriented to open-based searches (OSINT) and digital proof; and identify the different stages of the criminal process, relating the proper tools of litigation in each one of them, attending to the roles of each procedural subject.