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Workshop "Introduction to the process of cybercrime investigation and handling of digital evidence" in Guatemala

Guatemala, January 18, 2021, The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN), in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Delegation of the National Civil Police; District Attorney's Office and Women's Prosecution Agency of the Public Ministry in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, held the workshop "Introduction to the process of investigating cybercrime and handling digital evidence".
This workshop, given from January 11th to 15th in a digital way, was dictated by Miguel Alas Alfaro, regional expert in digital forensic analysis of the UNODC Global Cybercrime Program. It strengthened the capacities of 75 public officials from security and justice institutions, (43) assistants and district prosecutors and (32) investigators from the DEIC delegation of the PNC in five areas: good practices for the collection of digital evidence; obtaining information from open sources OSINT; orientation to the investigation of cybercrime; cyber intelligence in social networks; process for the verification of information obtained from open sources, digital evidence in criminal proceedings and presentation of the services and inter-institutional coordination route of the cybercrime unit of the National Civil Police.
The training was carried out within the framework of the project "Creating new avenues of resilience to sustain peace from the Kaqchiquel, Q'eqchi' and Mestizo women" implemented by UNODC, the United Nations organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women (UN Women), the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Center for Research, Training and Support for Women (CICAM), financed by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).
This workshop is part of a series of trainings that aim to strengthen the capacities of public officials in justice institutions to prevent, investigate and respond to emerging conflict drivers and ongoing tactics of violence related to conflict against women and girls, within computer crimes.

At the end of the meeting, prosecutors and district investigators from Chimaltenango addressed messages of gratitude for the knowledge shared to the workshop facilitators as well as to consultant Miguel Alas Alfaro.
Mr. TA*, from the district prosecutor's office of the Public Ministry of Chimaltenango, said: "We thank the trainers for the shared knowledge that we previously lacked and that many times we carried out the processes in a self-taught way, now we will be able to support the digital evidence presented in court, we know that these tools will be of great help to the community of Chimaltenango...we recognize that what we learned in this workshop is very valuable for the justice system".
Officer JAM*, from the National Civilian Police for criminal investigation in Chimaltengo, addressed a word of thanks to the organizers of the training: "These tools, technical inputs and knowledge will be of great help to us in the investigation of crimes committed through internet-connected devices, especially for the women and girls of Chimaltengo.
WLGC*, a technician in criminalistic investigations for the District Attorney's Office in Chimaltenango, said that she found the workshop "very interesting" because it presented cutting-edge issues: "for us as investigators it is of great value to have specialized techniques and tools in the handling of digital evidence because we have seen an increase in cases where the integrity of women and girls is violated in social networks.


*For the safety of prosecutors, assistants and district investigators of the Public Ministry and the National Civil Police of Chimaltengo, Guatemala, we use acronyms for their characterization in this note.