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Workshop on synthetic drugs in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia, 28 February 2020. The Global Synthetic Drug Monitoring Programme (SMART) delivered a synthetic drugs workshop addressed to law enforcement, customs authorities, first responders, health and defence authorities of the Government of St. Lucia, from 24-25 February, in the city of Castries at the Mental Wellness Center.

This training was conducted with the support of the Government of Canada and Barbados, in conjunction with the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and the Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat (SAACS) of Saint Lucia.

The training was conducted by the coordinator of the global SMART program and a CBSA trainer and trained 34 officers on synthetic drug trends in Latin America and the Caribbean; natural and synthetic drugs, their effects on passengers, passenger profiling, interview techniques, basic screening techniques, and how to safely secure seized products, among others.