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Workshop on the implementation of the "Manual on Prisoner Classification" for officials in Panama


Panama, May 26, 2023. With the aim of training on the implementation of the "Manual on Inmate Classification", the UNODC Prison Reform Project delivered a workshop in which 34 officials of the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System participated.

Joselyn Velásquez, administrative officer of the Penitentiary System, considers that she will put into practice the knowledge acquired in various aspects of her work. She emphasizes that there were many dynamics within the methodology of the workshop.

Abdiel Arauz, supervisor in charge of transfers at the Tinajitas Penitentiary Center, emphasizes the classification of inmates taking into account their culture, age and gender.

Natalie Pittí, in charge of monitoring the bracelets of the inmates, mentions the issues of resocialization of the inmates and how to classify them, knowledge that they will be able to apply in the prisons working hand in hand with security and the technical board.

The manual on inmate classification has been designed for those responsible for implementing a model of prison care, classification and treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in the Panamanian prison system.

The contents of this document should assist all jurisdictions that intend to develop a sound inmate classification system or improve an existing classification regime.

It provides up-to-date scientific information developed through many decades of research and experience in the classification of persons deprived of their liberty.