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Workshop to Strengthen Treatment Programs for Substance Use Disorders in Panama

Panama, November 18, 2021. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN) through the project for quality assurance of care in the treatment of substance use disorders and together with the National Commission for the Study and Prevention of Drug-Related Crimes (CONAPRED) and the Ministry of Health offered a workshop for the strengthening of treatment programs for substance use disorders (SUD) based on international standards for quality assurance.

This training - held from November 16 to 18 - was aimed at 27 members of non-governmental organizations, including the REMAR Foundation, Cruz Blanca Panameña, Capellanes Torre Fuerte, Centro de Atención y Orientación Integral San Juan Pablo II, Hogares CREA, PRISMA CENTER, Federación de Panamá Oeste, Campamento en las Manos de Dios, Fundación Una Entrada-Una Salida, Casa de rehabilitación Nueva Vida, Observatorio Panameño de Drogas (OPADRO) and Fundación Servir.

Some of the topics covered in the sessions were: International Standards 2020; UNODC quality assurance mechanisms, systems and services; patients' rights and collection of evidence and techniques for the evaluation of services.