Viet Nam Office: Projects Summary

Policy advice and technical support to the Government of Viet Nam in implementation of the drug control and crime prevention programme

HIV prevention, care, treatment and support in prison including pre-trial detention centres in Viet Nam

Strengthening of the Legal and Law Enforcement Institutions in Preventing and Combating Money Laundering in Viet Nam

Technical Assistance to Treatment and Rehabilitation at Institutional and Community Level

Strengthening Drug Law Enforcement Agency Information Collection and Sharing Procedures

Support for developing effective ATS prevention strategies and measures for East Asia:A Pilot in Viet Nam

Strengthening capacity of law enforcement and justice sectors to prevent and respond to domestic violence in Viet Nam

Drug abuse and HIV prevention among ethnic minorities in Nortwest Viet Nam

Strengthening Viet Nam criminal justice responses to human trafficking and migrant smuggling through enhanced border control capacities and international cooperation

Strengthening the capacity of the forestry protection department's task force on forest crime