Fostering awareness on nexus between corruption and transnational organized crime

UNODC continues its efforts in strengthening awareness on the nexus between corruption and other forms of transnational crime.

Posted on 30 June 2018.

Human-trafficking camp in the jungle close to Thailand in northern Malaysia, 2015

As the Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment for East Asia and the Pacific highlights, corruption often facilitates and enables other forms of transnational organized crime. In light of this, UNODC conducted a regional workshop on the linkages between corruption and smuggling of migrants and human trafficking in the Great Mekong region.

The event represented one of the first occasions for practitioners and experts from the two subject areas to jointly discuss challenges and potential solutions in addressing corruption as an enabler of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants. Relevant corruption risks were debated and a roadmap to address them was designed. Their event involved research, joint operations and coordination involving law enforcement agencies, oversight institutions and public services as well as NGOs and private sector.