Mentoring sessions for investigators in Myanmar to detect corruption cases

UNODC supports ASEAN countries with mentoring sessions to investigate corruption cases

Posted on 16 November 2018.



The 4th amendment to the Myanmar Anti-Corruption Law in June 2018 allows the Myanmar Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to launch preliminary investigations into information received, such as indications of unusual wealth. Prior to this, the Commission could only launch preliminary investigations into an alleged complaint. The Commission is granted more authority to effectively combat corruption.

Over a period of four weeks, UNODC provided a dedicated mentorship to eight investigators of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Myanmar to strengthen their understanding of the concepts and procedures to be adopted when using prominent information to launch an investigation. Investigators were trained in the use of information from the media, social networks or available data on service delivery. The mentoring sessions delivered are expected to equip the ACC investigators with the tools for detecting more cases of corruption. In a very short time frame, the ACC has already been working on numerous cases involving prominent information.

UNODC will continue the mentoring sessions and include dedicated sessions to investigate corruption cases in extractive industries.

Reflections from the mentees

Ms. Daw Swe Swe Phyu
"Validation of information is key, only once this step is completed, one can further investigate".
"Mentoring is more effective than training as there is more time allocated for in-depth discussions"

Mr. Aye Min Thaung
"It provided exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking"