Coordinating the Fight Against Corruption in Indonesia

Jakarta (Indonesia), 18 March 2021 - Mr. Collie Brown (Country Manager of UNODC Indonesia) and Ms. Putri Wijayanti (National Anti-Corruption Coordinator) met the Commissioners of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Mr. Alexander Marwata and Mr. Nawawi Pomolango, to discuss the UNODC 2021 Anti-Corruption Workplan and further collaboration.

KPK has requested the support of UNODC in implementing the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). According to the Review of UNCAC Implementation, there are several UNCAC provisions that have yet to be adopted by Indonesia, such as foreign bribery, illicit enrichment, bribery in the private sector and trading in influence. In addition, on the preventive front, work needs to be done to effectively implement the recently introduced regulations on beneficial ownership transparency, and for making sure that systems are in place to prevent corruption in public procurements.

At the meeting, UNODC presented its 2021 Anti-Corruption Workplan to the Commissioners of KPK discussed the discussed the technical-level collaboration required. The workplan aims to assist Indonesia to fully implement the UNCAC and to build the capacity of Indonesia law enforcement agencies on cross-border investigations and asset recovery. The workplan includes 18 activity programs to strengthen national anti-corruption frameworks and capacities in procurement, forestry, health, criminal justice system.

Specifically, UNODC highlighted several initiatives that should involve high-level participation to ensure its effectiveness, in particular on:

  1. A launch event to share KPK’s assessment of the national Covid-19 response, together with UNODC anti-corruption campaign materials on the Covid-19 Recovery.  
  2. Assistance of provincial governments to prevent corruption in the forestry sector, beginning with a corruption risk assessment focused on the forestry sector of Papua and West Papua.

The Commissioners of KPK expressed enthusiasm for continued collaboration on the UNODC workplan and singled out financial investigations and asset recovery as two further areas upon which capacity-building support would be particularly welcomed, to prevent cases of complex corruption in the private sector.

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