Bhutan and Iran review Thailand's implementation of the UNCAC Chapters on Preventive Measures and Asset Recovery

UNODC supports ASEAN countries to implement the UNCAC via the Implementation Review Mechanism (IRM), a peer-review process

Posted on 16 November 2018.



ASEAN countries have completed the first cycle of the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism in 2015, covering Criminalization and Law Enforcement and International Cooperation. The second cycle of the peer-review mechanism is currently ongoing in Thailand, with Bhutan and Iran reviewing the implementation of UNCAC Chapters on Preventive Measures and Asset Recovery. Other reviews are planned later this year in Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar.

@NACC- UNCAC Country Visit from Bhutan and Iran in Bangkok, Thailand, September 2018


The Implementation Review Mechanism (IRM) is a peer-review process that assists States parties to effectively implement the Convention. In accordance with the terms of reference, each State party is reviewed by two peers- including one from the same regional group- which are selected by drawing of lots at the beginning of each year of the review cycle-.