The Challenge:

An estimated 370,000 people became infected with HIV in Asia in 2010 alone, with injecting drug use-related transmission continuing to be a significant driving factor behind the HIV epidemic. Several countries, including the Philippines and Indonesia, have reported an expanding epidemic.

There are clear evidence-based responses that can be implemented to tackle HIV transmission among people who inject drugs, including the implementation of a comprehensive package of services, and there is an urgent need to expand access to services.

What we do:

UNODC focuses on assisting Member States to provide increased access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services among people who use drugs and prisoners, working with Member States and the ASEAN Task Force on AIDS (ATFOA) and Mekong MOU Member States, to:

  1. Review and update legislation, policy and practices;
  2. Collect, analyze and disseminate strategic information on drug use; and
  3. Develop and implement training tools and operational guidelines for law enforcement officials.