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Training trainers in South-East Asia

Hanoi (Viet Nam), 31 January 2010 - In the framework of the UNODC project entitled "Treatnet II", which involves the international network of drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation resource centres, an intensive train-the-trainer course on evidence-based drug dependence treatment was successfully conducted in Hanoi from 8 to 21 December 2009. The training was attended by nine trainers from each partner country - Cambodia, Myanmar and Viet Nam - and six observers from Viet Nam-based non-governmental organizations and Thailand, making up a total of 33 trainers. Seven master trainers from Belarus, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the United Kingdom delivered the training.

Treatnet II is a global project implemented in four regions, mostly through regional and national networks of stakeholders. The project advocates quality drug dependence treatment, capacity-building and service improvement. The train-the-trainer event that was held in Hanoi is part of the capacity-building scheme to improve technical capacity for the provision of diversified and effective drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation services, including capacity to support HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

The train-the-trainer sessions carried out in each of the four regions in the framework of Treatnet II are part of an overall objective to develop the ability of people to disseminate knowledge at the national level while securing mechanisms for sustainability once project activities have come to an end. This is done in two phases. In the first phase, selected experts are trained to become trainers by a group of master trainers. In the second phase, those trained during the first phase train practitioners in their respective countries with the support and under the supervision of master trainers.

The Treatnet capacity-building package consists of the following four volumes:

Volume A: Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Planning
Volume B: Elements of Psychosocial Treatment
Volume C: Addiction Medications and Special Populations
Volume D: Administrative Toolkit

This comprehensive, intensive training has resulted in eager and active trainers for each partner country. Many thoughts were shared and issues were discussed among the participants about the situation in their respective countries and about how best to match the training plans to the needs of practitioners in each country. With commitment from trainers and support from master trainers, this train-the-trainer event will be followed by national plans and further national training to build up local capacity for the delivery of evidence-based drug dependence treatment in 2010 and 2011.

UNODC would like to recognize the generous contribution of the Treatnet II donors: Canada, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America, as well as the OPEC Fund for International Development.

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