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Senior Thai Government officials and UNODC representatives participate in anti-corruption training

Bangkok (Thailand), 21 July 2010
- The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand (NACC) invited representatives from the UNODC Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific to participate in a training course for senior executives on the strategic management of anti-corruption.

The course, which was held on the 14 July 2010 at The Royal River hotel, was attended by senior officials from the National-Anti Corruption Commission and representatives from other Government offices and the banking sector.

Among the guest lecturers were Kasit Piromya, Foreign Minister of Thailand, Visoot Tuvayanond, former Ambassador and lecturer at Sripatum University, and Michel Bonnieu, UNODC Senior Legal Adviser for East Asia and the Pacific.

The presenters addressed the issue of international strategies for the prevention of corruption and drew attention to the provisions contained in chapter V of the United Nations Convention against Corruption on the return of assets or proceeds of corruption to countries of origin.

The legal aspects of the 11 criminal offences outlined in the Convention against Corruption were discussed, as were the challenges faced when investigating transnational crimes and prosecuting offenders who, in most cases, are very familiar with the legislative context.

Improving and strengthening the technical skills of those gathering admissible evidence through mutual legal assistance and extradition mechanisms were seen as very important for combating corruption, a phenomenon that many participants agreed undermines the rule of law and social development.

At the end of the course, a participant said that "this type of technical workshop is of great value. It allowed many of us to talk about and share our own experiences when fighting corruption".

The participants recommended that such training sessions be held on a regular basis.