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UNODC and Indonesia join forces in the fight against terrorism

Jakarta (Indonesia), 20 August 2010
- On 10 August 2010, officials from the Government of Indonesia and representatives from UNODC engaged in discussions on the formulation of a three-year partnership aimed at enhancing the capacity of national criminal justice institutions to counter terrorism.

The meeting was led by Ms. Listyowati, Deputy Director for Counter-Terrorism of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. UNODC was represented at the meeting by George Puthuppally, Senior Programme Coordinator for East Asia and the Pacific, Vipon Kittitasnasorchai, Terrorism Prevention Expert, and Ajit Joy, Crime Prevention Expert.

Ms. Listyowati reiterated Indonesia's strong commitment to countering terrorism. She expressed the firm view that the formulation of a three-year programme was a significant step in the right direction.

Following the meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNODC officials held further discussions with the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation and representatives of donor countries and donor institutions.

For several years now, the Indonesian Government and UNODC have been working on the legal and criminal justice aspects of terrorism with the aim of putting into place a much-needed legal framework.

Today, this framework needs strengthening in order for counter-terrorism measures to be pursued in accordance with the rule of law. The newly proposed three-year programme will build on these earlier efforts.

The new programme will focus on strengthening national entities responsible for implementing the counter-terrorism legal framework. UNODC will assist the Government in training officials who work in prevention, investigation, prosecution and the adjudication of terrorism-related crimes.

The programme will also strengthen expertise in specific areas as determined by the Government. These areas range from countering the financing of terrorism and aviation and maritime terrorism to the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes.

In Indonesia, UNODC's specific counter-terrorism assistance plans are a major element of the Office's programme proposal for an "East and South-East Asia Partnership on Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism". UNODC seeks to implement this programme in collaboration with the countries of the region, regional organizations, training institutions and donor countries.