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International Anti-Corruption Day: A new Indonesia without corruption

Jakarta (Indonesia), 16 December 2010
- On 9 and 10 December Indonesia celebrated International Anti-Corruption Day. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Transparency International Indonesia, the Indonesian Corruption Watch, the Judicial Commission, the European Union (EU) and UNODC joined forces to conduct several festive events to mark International Anti Corruption Day.

This year UNODC and its partners, conducted a series of anti-corruption campaigns aimed at encouraging the public to get involved in corruption eradication efforts and to support anti-graft insitutions.

A highlight was the establishment of an anti-corruption village at the Corruption Eradication Commission. More than 20 organizations involved in the fight against corruption set up information booths and interacted with the public on corruption issues.

Mr. Jasin, Vice Chair of the Corruption Eradication Commission explained that: "The anti-corruption village reflects the fact that Indonesia consists of villages and our aims is to involve the entire community in combating corruption. If people in the villages get involved in the eradication of corruption, it will be easier to reduce corruption in the country."

Transparency Internationl Indonesia and Indonesia Corruption Watch spread their anti-corruption messages through music and dance.

Transperency International Indonesia held an anti-corruption music concert with popular local bands that engaged youth on corruption issues. Indonesia Corrupution Watch entertained motorists with a lively carnival winding through the streets featuring musicians, dancers, poetry and actors impersonating corrupters in a makeshift jail.

The Judicial Commission and UNODC also brought the anti-corruption campaign to the provinces. Nine non-governmental organizations in nine provinces were supported to work with local media outlets to call for stronger local action to fight corruption.

UNODC will conclude its 2010 anti-corruption campaign with an inaugural meeting of an anti-corruption forum to be held on 21 December 2010. The forum, supported by a European Union funded project, will draw upon relevant experts and professionals to foster dialogue and enhance current efforts to combat corruption, while serving as a platform for building public awareness, interest and participation. Over 30 other grass root non-governmental organizations, fighting corruption in different parts of Indonesia supported by UNODC through Norwegian and German funding, will also participate in a workshop on 22 December 2010 on civil society awakening to fight against corruption in Indonesia.