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Mobile training for front-line officials gets underway in Cambodia

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), 27 February 2015
- Today, in the presence of the Secretary General of the National Authority on Combating Drugs and representatives from various national law enforcement agencies, UNODC representatives donated a eLearning Mobile Training Unit (eLMTU) in a ceremony held at the Ministry of Interior. Prior to the handover ceremony, UNODC staff conducted technical training sessions with officials who will implement training sessions using the eLMTU. The eLMTU is one of many training activities to enhance local law enforcement capacities with knowledge and skills.

"This Unit will be important to reach those frontline officers who work far away from traditional training academies" said Gen. Dr. Meas Vyrith, Secretary General of NACD. "Frontline officers from the police, immigration and customs will finally have the chance to be exposed to a wide range of information and training material in Khmer language to tackle transnational crime"

Equipped with rugged computers - toughbooks, the eLMTU will be available to frontline officers in remote locations to enhance border management capacities. The eLMTU contains 18 training courses, including 84 modules in the Khmer language. Using a training-of-trainers (ToT) approach, UNODC has equipped officials with the technical expertise to carryout necessary training for local law enforcement officers.

Regional integration is expected to significantly increase the frequency and variety of cross-border movements of goods, capital and people in the legal economy and effective border facilitation will be crucial in tracking and curbing transnational organised crime that may accompany it. The current situation in the region requiress "integrated border management, law enforcement and justice strategies, so organised criminal groups will not continue to expand without respect for borders and the sovereignty of states" said Mr. Jeremy Douglas, UNODC Regional Representative for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Funding from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has enabled the UNODC Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific to conduct local training workshops and capacity building initiatives to improve border management in the region (see PATROL Programme). The eLMTU is part of an ongoing effort to enhance the UNODC Border Liaison Office (BLO) network to tackle the threats of transnational organised crime in Southeast Asia.