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UNODC staff member receives Indonesian National Police Medal of Honor for Educational Services

Semarang (Indonesia), 18 February 2013
- UNODC's Expert Trainer, Mustafa Unal Erten, has been awarded with the Indonesian National Police Medal of Honor for Educational Services. Given to persons for their "professional integrity and quality of work, and services rendered in the field of police education", the award to Mr. Erten was in recognition of his contribution and active role in delivering, developing and evaluating training programs for the Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice Project at the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC).

Mr. Erten was joined at the ceremony by several JCLEC colleagues who were also granted the award.

Located within the Indonesian National Police Academy (AKPOL) in Semarang, Indonesia, JCLEC is an international training centre for law enforcement agencies from Indonesia and other Southeast Asia countries.

UNODC is the lead implementing agency of the European Union-funded "Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice Project" at JCLEC. Since 2010, the Project's comprehensive training and staff development programme has provided a total of 62 training programmes to 2,198 law enforcement officers from across Indonesia.

Achievements of the Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice Project include: the creation of National Faculty concept in JCLEC; establishment of "KERIS" immersive training system; and the setting up of a comprehensive training evaluation system based on Kirkpatrick's training evaluation model.

The project also develops integrated training curricula that incorporate emerging transnational crime types and modern training methodologies.

Prior to joining UNODC in 2010, Mr. Erten worked with Turkish International Academy against Drugs and Organized Crime (TADOC) under the Turkish National Police. Mr. Erten has a wealth of experience and knowledge in training cycles, project management, e-learning and immersive training