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UNODC partners with the Indonesian National Police (INP) to keep communities in East Java safe during COVID-19

East Java (Indonesia), 6 July 2020
- UNODC has delivered essential health and safety equipment to the Indonesian National Police. The INP plays a crucial role in keeping the communities safe during the pandemic.

East Java has recently experienced an increase in cases and significant pressure on the region’s healthcare system due to COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, organized criminal groups continue to pursue their nefarious goals. Violent extremist organizations are seen to be using the pandemic as an opportunity to recruit individuals or run misinformation campaigns.

“UNODC is absolutely committed to keeping Indonesia safe from the scourge of violent extremism and the campaigns of hate. These masks are a tangible demonstration of that commitment,” said Collie F. Brown, Country Manager of the UNODC Office in Indonesia. “UNODC is grateful for its strong partnership with the Government of Indonesia, which is bearing fruit within the country, within the region and on the international stage.”

UNODC provided 10,000 face masks, an essential component of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be available for INP officers were performing their official duties. This support forms one component of the Guyub Project, a joint United Nations programme between UNODC, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Women to prevent violent extremism in East Java. The Guyub Project is funded by the Human Security Trust Fund, and is implemented jointly with the East Java government, civil society and key partners.

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