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Issue 13 | October 11 2011
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Republic of Korea



Asia-Pacific acts to counter cybercrime

Seoul (Republic of Korea), 29 September 2011
As a result of the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Fighting Cybercrime, over 20 Asia-Pacific region countries committed to cooperate more closely to tackle the growing problem of cybercrime. Held 21-23 September 2011 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, the UN-sponsored conference of prosecutors and information communications technology (ICT) experts called for a strengthened international response to security threats from cyberspace. [Read More]



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Upcoming Events

  • Hanoi, Viet Nam - 15 October: Wrap-up workshop for the core trainers of the provincial workshops for law enforcement and justice sectors to better prevent and respond to domestic violence to formulate recommendations and best practises for further training sets
  • Bangkok, Thailand - 18-21 October: Regional Workshop on Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting for Policy and Action
  • Bangkok, Thailand - 20-21 October: 2nd Inter-regional Workshop on Improving Evidence-based Knowledge on Migrant Smuggling from, through and within South-East Asia. Together Addressing the Common Challenge of Migrant Smuggling.


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