Training of Trainers – Asset Declarations on Unusual Wealth in Thailand

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Phuket (Thailand), 26 April 2023 –  Building on the success of a previous training program focused on Asset Declarations and Unexplained Wealth for personnel from the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (ONACC) held last year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) once again partnered with the Strategic Development and Innovation Division (SDI) of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to organize a Train the Trainers (TOT) workshop on Asset Declarations and Unexplained Wealth. The primary objective of this workshop was to bring together senior-level officers for specialized training in these areas.

This training built upon the prior workshop hosted by UNODC in June 2022 on Asset Declarations and Unexplained Wealth in Phuket, specifically designed for ONACC officers. The aim of this activity was to enhance the officers’ capabilities in conducting inquiries and investigations related to these matters. The positive feedback received from the participants of the previous workshop highlighted the effective application of the knowledge gained from the training. Building upon this success, UNODC organized a TOT session for 2023, offering more in-depth and intensive content tailored to intermediate, professional, and senior-professional level officers. The objective was to equip the attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively transfer their learning to others or develop an investigation procedure manual for wider dissemination.

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During this TOT workshop, the ONACC officers were exposed to advanced exercises focused on asset declarations, providing them with a deeper understanding of techniques to identify unusual wealth. Additionally, they explored related issues concerning beneficial ownership, a topic that generated considerable interest among the participants. Many expressed their desire to participate in the next training session specifically dedicated to the subject of Beneficial Ownership.

The funding for these activities was provided by the Kingdom of Denmark.

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