Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

UNODC Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries  supports Operation "REFLEX-2018"

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 6-7 September

A training workshop on organisation, methodology and the form of reporting for the regional operation "Reflex-2018" was held in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan) on 6-7 September 2018 with the participation of assigned National Coordination Officers (NCOs) to that operation from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan as well as Republic of Azerbaijan and Russian Federation.

During the workshop, participants reviewed organizational modalities of operation "Reflex 2018" including requirements on proper reporting on seizures and secure communication systems. In the framework of the workshop, training on the "CENCOM II" system was provided to the National Coordination Officers (NCOs) to ensure effective and secure exchange of information in course of the operation.

In order to strengthen capacity of participating countries in effective identification of the New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) seized during the operation, UNODC provides Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre (CARICC) with access to the "AIPSIN Anti-Narcotics" information-search system on "designer" drugs and NPS that have appeared in the region in recent years. 

The workshop was organized under the auspices of the UNODC Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries, and funded by the European Union.