Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

The ARIN-WCA Members Discuss Current Challenges and Exchange Best Practice in the International Sharing of Criminal Proceeds and Asset Return

The management of seized and confiscated assets, pending return or final disposal has become a priority on the international agenda in the past few years. It is an important aspect of successful enforcement measures and an important step for the successful recovery and disposal of illegal assets. Effectively managing seized and confiscated assets reduces the risks associated with having instruments of crime in circulation and ensures that they are managed in a transparent and accountable manner while preserving their value. During an Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of West and Central Asia (ARIN-WCA) training Workshop on Asset Management in 2020 the participants requested on behalf of their respective jurisdictions to be trained on assets return once traced and identified in a foreign jurisdiction. The request was endorsed by the ARIN-WCA Steering Group, in March 2021

UNODC Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring countries (RPANC) supported the ARIN-WCA Secretariat arranging a training on this critical area titled “International Disposal of Assets and How to Achieve Successful Asset Return” from June 15-17, 2021.  The training was attended by more than 30 participants including ARIN-WCA contact points and experts from I.R of Afghanistan,  I.R of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, I.R of Pakistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

“Identifying and returning stolen assets, instrumentalities and proceeds of crime is a challenging task, UNODC RPANC is there to provide technical support to the ARIN-WCA Secretariat in building member states capacities and strengthen regional cooperation with the generous support of its donors” said Mr. Danilo Campisi,  Programme Coordinator, Criminal Justice of Regional Programme.

The workshop was designed to train the participants in achieving asset return under several different circumstances, division of assets and funds from the sale of the assets. Case studies and tabletop exercises on illegal assets deriving from corruption, drug trafficking and fraud involving a variety of victims, were discussed in light of available legal frameworks as well as to share best practices on cooperation and negotiation between jurisdictions. A team of well-known asset recovery advisors led the event and guided participants through the complex subject. ARIN-WCA experts benefited from holding discussions, sharing and learning best practices to develop their knowledge and understanding, which in turn may lead to enhanced legislation, procedures and institutional frameworks to enable the effective return of assets that constitute the proceeds of crime.

UNODC thanked the Government of Norway, Finland and the European Union for funding the event.