Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

Implementation of the 3 rd  cycle of Strengthening Families Programme  in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

April-July 2018, Kabul  

The Strengthening Families Programme (SFP,10-14) is a parent, youth and family skill-building programme aiming to prevent substance abuse and other behaviour problems among teenagers. The SFP has been proven to make in difference in reducing risk taking behaviour among youth related to illicit drugs and is being rolled out around the region. The SFP is being upscaled in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, where there is particular concern over increasing levels of drug use in the country. 

Following the 4-day Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop on the "Strengthening Families Programme for 10-14-year old youth," which was conducted in April 2018, the UNODC Regional Programme (Sub-Programme 3) in close partnership with the UNODC Global Programme on prevention (GLOK01), undertook necessary arrangements to not only implement but upscale, the SFP programme in Afghanistan.

Upon completion of the April SFP workshop, the national SFP facilitators held 7-primary SFP sessions on a weekly basis in 4 selected schools in Kabul, between April and July 2018. 180 family members including 60 youth participated in the programme. The pre and post-evaluation survey reveals that the demand for participating in the program has been remarkable. There are a number of reasons for this: a) the program has been very effective in developing strong families, reducing family-related risk factors for adolescent with problematic behaviors and building protective factors in youth and their parents; b) the parents strongly believe that the program helped them learn quality life skills that support and guide them "how to behave" with their youth to have a brighter future; and c) the youth learned "how to deal" with the stress and peer pressure.

The UNODC Regional Programme (Sub-Programme 3) in close partnership with the UNODC Global Programme on prevention (GLOK01) will continue to support the further development, implementation and monitoring of the SFP in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as, early signs are, that it is proving to be an effective method of drug abuse prevention among youth.

Special thanks the government of Japan for supporting the programme.