Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries (UNODC)

Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighboring countries continues supporting the implementation of Strengthening Families Programme (SFP10-14) in West and Central Asia

The well-being of a nation depends on strong and loving families. Research shows specialised training programmes that involve parents and youth together, help youthavoid substance abuse and have better life outcomes. 

The Strengthening Families Programme (SFP10-14) is an evidence-based family skills training programme for parents and youth from 10 to 14 years of age for high-risk and general population families. SFP10-14 has been proven to be effective in reducing multiple risk factors for later alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems, and delinquency. SFP10-14 is widely used as a universal primary prevention intervention in communities and schools and is recognized both nationally and internationally.By inviting all families, high-risk families are included without making them feel stigmatized.

SFP10-14 has been implemented in Kazakhstan since 2016. So far, nearly 180 facilitators and 28 national trainers were trained and more than 1000 families have benefitted in Kazakhstan between 2016-2022 within the framework of Sub-Programme 3 of the Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries (RPANC).

The data from both parent and youth surveys have shown positive results. The results of pre and post surveys conducted among adolescents and parents that participated in the SFP10-14 weekly sessions reported increased family bonding, increased parental involvement, increased positive parenting skills, increased positive communication, decreased family conflict, decreased youth depression, decreased youth aggression and increased youth social competencies.  

UNODC RPANC conducted another training of trainers in partnership with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Autonomous Educational Organization (NIS) on 23-26 August 2022 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan with participation of 25 national facilitators and 7 trainers from different regions of Kazakhstan.       

Currently local governments and NIS are committed to continue and expand the programme implementation throughout the country. The trained teachers / psychologists will be performing as national SFP facilitators in schools of Kazakhstan in the new school year.