Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

Scaling up the Strengthening Families Programme (SFP 10-14) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

8-11 April 2018, Kabul, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

A 4-day Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop on the "Strengthening Families Programme for 10-14-year old youth" was organized and held in close collaboration with the UNODC Global Programme on prevention (GLOK01),  and Regional Programme for Afghanistan and neighboring countries, Sub-programme 3, "Prevention and treatment of addiction among vulnerable groups", in Kabul, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, from 08-11 April 2018. The main objective of the SFP workshop was to build the capacity of Afghan teachers to act as SFP facilitators at the national level.

With the presence of representatives from UNODC's global and regional programmes, 24 new teachers from 4 schools in Kabul participated in the SFP workshop. The teachers were trained under direct supervision of two national SFP trainers and received the "facilitators certificate" which will enable them to implement the SFP Programme including 7 primary and 4 booster sessions for youth, parents and families in 4 girl's schools in Kabul. 

Upon completion of the SFP workshop, the national SFP facilitators will hold 7-primary sessions and 4 booster sessions on a weekly basis in 4 selected schools in Kabul. 180 family members comprising of 60 youth will benefit the programme. The pre and post-evaluation survey will be conducted accordingly to explore the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme in changing the behavior of the youth with their peers and parents as well as their approach to narcotic drug usage.

UNODC thanks the government of Japan for supporting the event.