Maldives: UNODC provides mentorship to investigators from the National Integrity Commission

Male, Maldives/25 July 2022: A mentoring session was organised for investigators of the Maldives National Integrity Commission (NIC) on international standards—including Nelson Mandela Rules and the Bangkok Rules--and best practices relevant in the management of places of detention. As an independent agency, the NIC is mandated to investigate allegations of unlawful acts by law enforcement agencies, including correctional services.

The session was organized as part of UNODC technical assistance within specific focus areas identified by NIC.

The session laid out practical aspects of investigators' role regarding NIC’s mandate to carry out oversight functions in correctional institutions as part of law enforcement entities. A practical tool was provided to the investigators to assist them during the inspection of detention facilities. The tool outlined the areas to be analyzed by the investigators, streamlining and organizing relevant information that would need to be gathered. 

Participants shared positive feedback about the level of knowledge and skills provided by UNODC experts, highlighting that the session will assist them in the performance of their future professional tasks.   

This activity contributes to SDG 16:

(Supported by the US Government)