Special Feature: International Women's Day 2022

Women in law enforcement and the positive impact GMCP training has on their role 

08 March 2022: UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP) believes that women's participation in law enforcement serves a vital function in society and substantially enhances operational efficiency. Despite efforts to increase representation, women continue to be underrepresented in law enforcement agencies around the world.

To decrease the gap, GMCP has been providing training to law enforcement with a special focus on promoting women's participation. GMCP has a strong presence in Bangladesh, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka, and is committed to involving women in all its training activities.

One of the shining examples is Ms. Sathi Rani Sharma, Additional Superintendent of Police, stationed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who has been facilitatIng all GMCP training activities with the Bangladesh River Police.

She stated: "In my capacity as officer in charge of the training for the Bangladesh River Police, I coordinate all skills development activiites for our officers, including through GMCP, so that our police can gain international expertise. Working with GMCP has made me realize how important it is for me to have an active role in my country's development especially as a  woman."  

GMCP also promotes participation of women in other agencies, such as customs, in an effort to break down gender barriers.

Ms. Sadhuma Moosa, Chief Customs Officer, working in the Maldives Customs Service, remarked: "I do not believe that any female officer should hesitate to participate in [GMCP] training because of their gender. Female Officers from Maldives Customs Service have proven that we are capable of completing the training same as our male colleagues."

Female officers  are often perceived as more trustworthy, and their communication abilities have shown to result in effective field practices. Increased participation of women working in law enforcement has long been an important consideration for GMCP.