Bangladesh: UNODC Empowers Cox's Bazar Stakeholders with Intensive Workshops on Countering Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh/August 31, 2023: Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors play a pivotal and indispensable role in in preventing and countering human trafficking. Their responses are critical as they act as the frontline defenders against this heinous crime, ensuring that traffickers are brought to justice and victims are rescued, protected and supported.

The ability of law enforcement officials to effectively investigate trafficking cases, gather evidence, and collaborate with international partners is vital in dismantling complex criminal networks. Prosecutors, on the other hand, hold the key to securing convictions and ensuring that traffickers face the full force of the law. Together, law enforcement and prosecutors provide a comprehensive and coordinated response that not only holds perpetrators accountable but also helps prevent further victimization and contributes to the eradication of this grave violation of human rights.

In this context, UNODC, under the framework of GLO.ACT Bangladesh, has been relentlessly driving specialized capacity-building initiatives in Bangladesh. Recent interventions held in Cox's Bazar exemplify the collective resolve to strengthen national and international efforts against these grave crimes.

Continuing these efforts, a two-day refresher workshop was held in Cox's Bazar with focus on prosecutors and humanitarian agency staff, emphasizing the synergy between these stakeholders.

Discussions enhanced participants' expertise by sharing cutting-edge insights on specialized thematic areas, such as trafficking for organ removal and online-enabled trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. Participants also engaged in hands-on exercises and deliberations to further their practical understanding. 

Participants appreciated the workshop, with one of them saying, "In recent months, we encountered a case similar to one of the scenarios simulated in the discussions. I will be able to support the victims better, based on the standard procedure and steps we have learnt."

UNODC also hosted a capacity-building workshop for law enforcement agencies, delving into countering the crime through enhanced understanding and efficient investigations.

The workshop offered a comprehensive overview of crucial international legal instruments, frameworks, and investigative techniques. Investigating officers from District Police, Police Bureau of Investigation, and Criminal Investigation Department of Bangladesh Police actively participated, engaging in vibrant discussions.

The collective sharing of knowledge and experiences will help chart the course for more effective anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling strategies.

These activities contributed to key targets under SDG 5, SDG 8, SDG 16 and SDG 17:

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