Austria: UNODC spotlights South Asian interventions on community policing and education at the CCPCJ Thematic Discussions pertaining to Kyoto Declaration

Vienna, Austria/22 September 2023: In 2021, the Fourteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice reached a consensus on the Kyoto Declaration, a pivotal document in which Member States agreed upon concrete actions to advance responses addressing crime prevention, criminal justice, the rule of law and international cooperation.

Building on this, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice  held its third Thematic Discussions on the implementation of the 2021 Kyoto Declaration, in Vienna and online on “Promoting the rule of law”. The intersessional meeting was chaired and moderated by the Chair of the CCPCJ at its thirty-second session, H.E. Mr. Mary Mugwanja of Kenya.

UNODC Regional Office for South Asia, in collaboration with national and regional partners, has undertaken a multifaceted approach to promote the rule of law. This includes the development and delivery of educational interventions on peace, crime prevention, and the rule of law aimed at students, teachers, and communities in India. Additionally, community-based  policing and crime prevention programs have also been implemented in Bangladesh to engage local communities and law enforcement personnel actively. A concerted effort to enhance legal awareness and literacy among communities, especially vulnerable groups, has been made in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In this context, UNODC’s Communications Officer for South Asia Mr. Samarth Pathak and National Programme Coordinator in Bangladesh Mr. Shah Mohammed Naheeaan joined the thematic discussions to present spotlight interventions from South Asia--focused on social and educational measures in India and community policing in Bangladesh.

Mr. Pathak emphasized that education is the foundation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that Generation Z changemakers are equal partners in advancing peace, security, and lawfulness. He also stressed the importance of integrity as the cornerstone of promoting the rule of law.

Mr. Naheeaan highlighted the importance of community policing in promoting the rule of law in Bangladesh. He explained that community policing is a partnership between law enforcement agencies and communities to prevent crime and promote public safety.

The event brought together experts, delegates, and stakeholders from over 110 countries and organizations, creating a platform to share insights, best practices, and innovative approaches toward achieving the goals set out in the Kyoto Declaration.

As the world renews its commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the promise of Agenda 2030, the principles enshrined in the Kyoto Declaration remain more relevant than ever.

These activities contributed to SDG 16 and SDG 17: