South Asia: Gateway to the world - UNODC launched its new South Asia website

Today, on 1 February 2010, the Regional Office of the United Nations on Drugs Crime for South Asia is launching its new website. The official launch is taking place at our main office in New Delhi and we have invited several experts and partners, who have been working with us throughout the years for our common cause for more development options, for justice and human security for the people in South Asia.

As a United Nations Organization, we are mandated to address today's significant challenges for human security including drugs, organized crime and corruption. To this end, it is also critical that we harness information technology to reach out to the people in the world to inform about the relevance and importance of our mandate in South Asia, the work and impact that our work has.

In view of the importance of electronic information media in today's societies, we are proud that we have revamped our website with a view to convey and illustrate more on the human face of our work. Our new website does not only provide essential information on UNODC's mandate and work in the subregion, but places important emphasis on the stories of people who day to day work towards a better and more healthy life and society without drugs and crimes in South Asia and of people who can give testimony of their own lives previously wrecked by drugs and exploitation and who could make a change, often with the collaborative help of Governments, NGO's and UNODC.

Our commitment with you, our audience is to keep you updated with the best information available to us and to transmit to you the stories of individuals and of organizations who are willing to share their often painful experiences with drugs and crime and how they were able to find a way out of it.

We are striving to become better in our services every day that we work. Please, share with us your feedback on our work and help us to improve for the benefit of those who do not know how to escape drugs and exploitation.