South Asia: UNODC releases a publication on its work in the region

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) is proud to present its brochure - the first institutional publication providing an overview of UNODC's activities and achievements in South Asia.

UNODC is the mandated UN agency to deal with the global challenges of transnational organized crime and corruption in the framework of the respective UN Conventions on drugs and crime as well as the promotion of the universally accepted criminal justice standards. UNODC's current work in South Asia with governments and the civil society focuses on the following thematic areas:

  • Drug use prevention, treatment and care
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS among drug users and in prison settings
  • Law enforcement, drug and precursor control
  • Prevention of human trafficking
  • Prevention of smuggling of migrants
  • Anti-corruption

The brochure outlines UNODC's work in each of the above mentioned areas at the regional level as well as country level in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka in partnership with the governments in the region, civil society organizations, UN sister agencies and funding partners, without whose dedicated support, our work would not have been possible. It also lists the different tools and publications produced by the Office.

While the brochure focuses on UNODC's current work, it also points to the need to address in the future, new and emerging forms of crime and threats, such as the production, trafficking and use of new drugs, financial and cybercrimes, wildlife crime, maritime piracy as well as terrorism.

The brochure is the result of the conscious effort of the UNODC ROSA staff to convey to our stakeholders and the public in general the true spirit and flavor of what UNODC does in the region in terms of its practical work on the ground - in a reader-friendly and interactive way, combining human interest stories, graphics and photographs from the field.

Putting together this brochure was a matter of great joy and pride. We hope that you enjoy the reading of the brochure and welcome your feedback. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships to collectively address and overcome challenges to security, justice and rule of law in the region for the benefit of the South Asian people.

Click here to read the UNODC ROSA Brochure