INTERACTIVE: International Anti-Corruption Day 9 Dec around Southeast Asia and the Pacific

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Bangkok (Thailand), 9 December 2014 - Break the corruption chain. Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies. No country, region or community is immune. To mark the International Anti-Corruption Day, on 9 December, UNODC and UNDP have developed a joint global campaign, focusing on how corruption affects education, health, justice, democracy, prosperity and development. Join the International Day Thunderclap at You can also visit to find more about how you can get involved ahead of the day.

People often think that corruption is "just a way of life", but every society, sector and individual would benefit from saying "NO" to this crime.

What can you do?

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Messages for International Anti-Corruption Day 9 December 2014:

UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
UNODC Executive Director Mr. Yury Fedetov




Vanishing (public service announcement)

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Cutting cake (public service announcement)

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Korupsi and Kemiskinan (public service announcement)

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