Stories from
UNODC Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific

November 2009

24/11/2009 - Seminar on collaborative tuberculosis and HIV-related services for injecting and other drug users
20/11/2009 - Border Liaison Offices and Computer-Based Training Workshop
20/11/2009 Memorandum of Understanding signing at the Judicial Commission's headquarters
19/11/2009 - Indonesia: Strengthening the integrity of the justice system seminar
18/11/2009 - UNODC acting on money-laundering in Viet Nam
16/11/2009 - Treatnet II Launching Meeting
06/11/2009 - Countering human trafficking in Indonesia
03/11/2009 - Viet Nam: TV Series on Preventing Domestic Violence

October 2009

26/10/2009 - Cambodia: Data Training Workshop based on Commune Competitive Plan
21/10/2009 - Turkmens visit Thailand to learn about border control
20/10/2009 - Remembering Jenni Viitala - An Appreciation by the UNODC Viet Nam Country Office Staff Members
19/10/2009 - The Thirty-Third Meeting of Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies (HONLEA), Asia and the Pacific
14/10/2009 - Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) workshop in Jakarta
12/10/2009 - The 19th Anti-Drug Liaison Officials' Meeting for International Cooperation (ADLOMICO)
07/10/2009 - Vietnamese police trained to tackle domestic violence

September 2009

30/09/2009 - Lessons for Indonesia from Global Good Practices in Countering Corruption
22/09/2009 - Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors
22/09/2009 - CBT Pilot Programme in Iran
09/09/2009 - CBT in Timor-Leste
09/09/2009 - Corruption the socio-economic context in Indonesia

August 2009

31/08/2009 - Study series at UNODC: Palermo on the Pacific Rim
28/08/2009 - Launch of UN anti-trafficking training manual
19/08/2009 - ASEAN and China Cooperative Operations in Response to Dangerous Drugs (ACCORD) 8th Task Forces Meetings on Civic Awareness and Demand Reduction
07/08/2009 - 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP), Bali, Indonesia, 9 - 13 August 2009
07/08/2009 - South East Asia's first "Women's Court" on trafficking and HIV
06/08/2009 - Scaling-up harm reduction services towards universal access in Asia: Models of good practice
05/08/2009 - The Korean Institute of Criminology and the Regional Centre agree to tackle transnational organised crime

July 2009

30/07/2009 - SMART moves in East Asia
30/07/2009 - BLO-CBT Conference in Cambodia
29/07/2009 - Global Partnership on Alternative Development (GLO/I44)International Expert Group Seminar and Study Tour promoting South-South Cooperation
22/07/2009 - HIV/AIDS prevention efforts get booster shot
17/07/2009 - Ministerial Meeting of the MOU on Drug Control endorses the new Sub-regional Action Plan
17/07/2009 - Vietnam is the first signatory in East Asia of Treatnet Phase 2
13/07/2009 - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
07/07/2009 - Vietnam accedes to UNCAC
03/07/2009 - The 6th meeting of the United Nations Regional Task Force (UNRTF)
01/07/2009 - Plans for new rehab centre meet with mixed response

June 2009

26/06/2009 - International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking in Vietnam
26/06/2009 - World Drugs Day 2009
25/06/2009 - Annual UN global drug report notes likely decline in opium consumption, levelling of poppy cultivation and growth in ATS in East Asia
25/06/2009 - Myanmar to host ASEAN meeting on combating transnational crime
10/06/2009 - Regional Workshop on "Developing an Integrated Approach to Maritime Security through the Counter-Terrorism Conventions, Criminal and International Law: Legal Perspectives, Capacity Building
10/06/2009 - Vietnam, Cambodia combat drug crime together
09/06/2009 - Vietnam hosts MOU senior officials meeting on drug control
05/06/2009 - The environment: individual choices are key to preservation

May 2009

20/05/2009 - Ke Kim Yan takes reins of drug bureau
20/05/2009 - LAOS: Grappling with "crazy drugs
06/05/2009 - UN backs Australia's Asia AIDS fight
05/05/2009 - Universal Legal Framework against Terrorism Workshop
01/05/2009 - Australia's New International Development Strategy for HIV

April 2009

30/04/2009 - Department of Foreign Affairs and UNODC Seminar on Container Control Programme
29/04/2009 - UNODC in the Region and Indonesia: A presentation for Government and donors
24/04/2009 - Interview with Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand
22/04/2009 - 20 th International Harm Reduction Conference
21/04/2009 - Preventing trafficking in illicit forest resources
19/04/2009 - Human Trafficking Investigation Training Programme organized by AFP in Brunei Darussalam
15/04/2009 - People smuggling from RI a problem for Australia
04/04/2009 - Workshop on Exploring ATS Treatment Availability and Structured Guidelines in East Asia and the Pacific
02/04/2009 - UNODC Talk Series - Indonesia's Fight Against Corruption

March 2009

24/03/2009 - National Workshop on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters relating to Terrorist Cases
23/03/2009 - The Intergovernmental Group of Experts to discuss the strategies on violence against women
19/03/2009 - Expert Group Meeting on Electronic Evidence Gathering
19/03/2009 - Rare Cambodian trees under threat from illegal drug trafficking
17/03/2009 - INCB Launches Guidelines for Preventing the Illegal Sale of Internationally Controlled Substances via the Internet
11/03/2009 - Side event to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs 52 nd Session
09/03/2009 - International Women's Day

February 2009

19/02/2009 - After 100 years the international drug control system is strong, but not perfect
13/02/2009 - UN human trafficking report hails East Asia for strengthening legislation and increasing convictions
10/02/2009 - Statement at the 32 nd Meeting of Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies for Asia and the Pacific (HONLEA)
05/02/2009 - Seminar on Laws against Transnational Serious Crime
03/02/2009 - The Universal Legal Framework Against Terrorism
02/02/2009 - Development Key to Opium-Free Golden Triangle, says UNODC

January 2009

26/01/2009 - UN Anti-drugs Office Report Finds Southeast Asia's Recent Gains Against Opium Trade Are Threatened

December 2008

15/12/2008 - An Exhibition to Commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day