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Forestry Crime E-Learning Centre launched at Cenderawasih University

Jayapura (Indonesia), 20 November 2020
- The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Programme Office in Indonesia in collaboration with Cenderawasih University in Jayapura launched the Forestry Crime E-Learning Centre. The established of the Centre which was made possible through the support of the Norwegian Government is located at Cenderawasih University’s main campus at Jayapura and utilises UNODC’s flagship knowledge management system.

The Centre’s objective is aimed at boosting capacity building of law enforcement and government personnel, as well as, civil society organisations to combat illegal logging and illicit timber trade through trainings and workshops conducted at the facility. Through combining the strengths of UNODC’s e-Learning Platform guided by evidence-based research and experts on environmental studies at Cenderawasih University, the centre is expected to provide activities that would supplement training programmes organised in coordination with the Forestry Service Office at the provincial level and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry at the national level.

“We are pleased that Cenderawasih University is partnering with us to house this e-learning centre, this offers an opportunity for a physical location where law enforcement personnel and students can access on an on-going basis to enhance their skill and knowledge to combat illegal logging and illicit timber trade” stated Mr. Collie F. Brown, UNODC Country Manager for Indonesia during the launch of the e-learning centre held virtually from Jayapura and Jakarta on Friday, 20 November 2020.

The e-learning centre is also aimed to improve knowledge building and sharing of information in the field of environmental law enforcement in Indonesia. “There is a wealth of networks and knowledge on environmental law enforcement, as well as globally, through for instance UNODC, the e-learning centre will facilitate access to this resource for the numerous forest and environmental law enforcement initiatives going on in Indonesia” said H.E. Mr. Vegard Kaale, Ambassador of Norway to Indonesia in his remarks.

In highlighting the importance of partnership towards achieving the global common good, H.E. Julliand Valerie, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Indonesia elaborated the importance of building and maintaining cross-sectoral relations. “We can only find and implement sustainable solutions to deforestation by analysing its causes, and also to reverse its impact on communities an environment if we have a multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and collaborative approach” stated H.E. Ms. Valerie.

Also present during the launch was Mr. Aristoteles Ap, Head of the Forestry Protection Division at the Forestry Service of Papua Province. Mr. Ap applauded the establishment of the e-learning centre and hopes that the centre would contribute to increase the capacity of frontline forestry personnel in Papua. UNODC’s engagement with Cenderawasih University was also appreciated and Mr. Ap hopes that the collaboration would also provide support to the limited number of active forestry personnel in the province. “There are over 30 million ha of forest area in Papua, monitoring the area with only 800 staff at the provincial forestry service, which includes 77 forest rangers and 15 investigators is an impossible task, however through our combined efforts between UNODC, the government, universities and the community we can make a difference,” said Mr. Ap.

Following Mr. Ap’s remarks, Dr. Jonathan Wororomi, Vice-Rector of Cenderawasih University officially launched the forestry crime e-learning centre. “We hope that the centre would improve capacity training programmes to increase human resources in the forestry sector in Papua province,” said Dr. Wororomi in delivering the closing remark.

The launch of the e-learning centre was also attended by 4,000 students who had recently been accepted into the University. The e-learning centre which is located at the university’s Research and Community Development building includes a dedicated classroom for in-class trainings furnished with 15 computer units. In addition to the e-learning centre at Cenderawasih University in Papua Province, UNODC in collaboration with the Provincial Forestry Service of West Papua Province is also developing an e-learning centre at the University of Papua in Manokwari.