Training on analytical investigation methods in corruption investigations and asset recovery in North Macedonia and Serbia

10-14 April 2023, Ohrid, North Macedonia, 17-27 April, Belgrade, Serbia: UNODC under the Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap organized a training on analytical investigation methods in financial investigations and asset tracing for representatives from the Financial Investigation Units of the Ministries of Interior of North Macedonia and Serbia.  

The training program was specifically designed for law enforcement officials and aimed to teach them on the various analytical tools and techniques that could be used to investigate complex corruption and asset recovery cases. The program involved both theoretical and practical sessions.

During the theoretical sessions, law enforcement officers learned about the different types of analytical methods used in criminal investigations, such as link analysis, network analysis, and financial analysis as well as the importance of data analysis and how to collect, clean, and analyse data using specialized software.

The practical sessions were specifically designed to meet the needs of participants working on real-life case studies. The participants were required to use the analytical techniques they had learned to identify the links between individuals, follow the money trail, and map out criminal networks.

The activity was implemented in the framework of the Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap, generously supported by the Government of the United Kingdom.