Towards innovative public-private partnership solutions in promoting anti-corruption and good governance in Southeast Europe

7 June 2022, Zagreb, Croatia: UNODC contributed to the Policy Forum “Anti-Corruption аnd Good Governance in Southeast Europe: Towards Innovative Public-Private Partnership Solutions”, organized by the Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI). The event sought to reinvigorate the good governance debate and action in the region and to present the Southeast Europe Good Governance Report, providing data and recommendations on two of the most vulnerable to corruption domains in the region: public procurement and governance of state-owned enterprises in the energy sector. Mr. Constantine Palicarsky, regional anti-corruption adviser, UNODC Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe presented to the Forum UNODC activities in the region and elaborated on the ways through which participation of society could be promoted for more effective implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption in South-Eastern Europe. The participants also included representatives from the EU institutions, the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI), the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), the Government of Norway and other partners.

The Regional Good Governance Public-Private Partnership Platform (R2G4P) aims to deliver shared anti-corruption solutions to increase the accountability of state institutions and strengthen civil society and the rule of law in South-Eastern Europe, including EU and Western Balkan countries. The R2G4P initiative gathers civil society organizations and public sector partners to establish the Platform.

This activity was funded by the Government of the United Kingdom and contributes to SDG 16.5 on substantially reducing corruption and bribery.