UNODC small grants scheme for South African sports-focused, youth development CSOs now open (closes 28 February)

Under the Doha Declaration Global Programme's initiative on youth crime prevention, UNODC has launched a small grants scheme in South Africa to support national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) active in the field of youth development. Specifically, UNODC is looking to engage CSOs that use sport as a vehicle to work with youth in marginalized communities who are at-risk of being involved in crime, violence or drug use.

The grants - which will range from US$25,000 to US$50,000 for a maximum one-year period - will support initiatives that aim to raise awareness on the benefits of sport for the prevention of crime, violence and drug use among youth through sports, community mobilization and sensitization activities. In doing so, initiatives that seek to empower youth to disseminate anti-crime and violence messages will be encouraged.

The call is open for activities in the Cape Town and Johannesburg areas of South Africa where the UNODC life skills training curriculum, Line Up Live Up, is being piloted.

This call for proposals in South Africa follows a similar call for CSOs in Brazil, working with youth in marginalized communities in the areas of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. This will eventually be replicated in other countries and regions where the UNODC initiative for youth crime prevention through sport is being piloted.

The application period has been extended and is now open to 28 February 2018. Further details on how to apply can be found  here

Budget template

Application Form for Written Proposals