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UNODC and COMESA strengthen Malawi Judiciary on Asset Forfeiture

Blantyre Malawi August 2022 - The UNODC, through the Global Program Against Money Laundering in collaboration with the Common Market of South and Eastern Africa (COMESA), organised and hosted a train the trainer workshop on asset forfeiture for the Malawi Judiciary from 18-19 August 2022.

Mozambique Supreme Court makes inroads in the fight against wildlife crimes

Mozambique, Maputo. In recent years, crimes related to wildlife and the environment have rapidly expanded in the whole Southern African region. Organized syndicates, mainly working with local counterparts, have established highly organized routes to traffic wildlife products to other regions in the world, generating significant profits. Read More...

Traditional Leadership have the potential to play a positive role in addressing factors that can either fuel or mitigate GBV

South Africa- Violence against women is a widespread and a serious violation of human rights. Although the rates at which women are exposed to violence, vary from one country to another, statistics indicate that violence against women is a universal phenomenon and women are subjected to different forms Read more..

Implementation of Comprehensive, Evidence-Based HIV Interventions Among People Who Use Drugs in ZM

UNODC and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (The Global Fund) have co-organized a series of webinars in Africa with the aim of scaling up harm reduction interventions in the region. On 11th August 2022, the last of the series was organized in Zimbabwe by UNODC in close partnership with The Global Fund and WHO under the theme “Implementation of Comprehensive, Evidence-Based HIV Interventions Among People Who Use Drugs in Zimbabwe. Read More..


Iconic School Hosts World Day Against Trafficking Event in SA

A popular rural school in South Africa’s Limpopo province hosted this year’s main commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons jointly organized by the Department of Justice and Correctional Services, and the United National Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Read more...


UNODC and Southern Africa Development Community Join Efforts to Support Southern African Countries Counter the Growing Threat of Terrorism in the Region

Lilongwe (Malawi), 29 July 2022 – In recent years, the threat of terrorism in Southern Africa has become more widespread, with terrorist groups seeking to expand their regional presence and networks by using social media, foreign fighters, and illegal trafficking to support their terrorist goals. One of these groups, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISCAP) in Central Africa, has established a strong presence in the region, and is estimated to have as many as 2,000 local recruits and fighters from-  Read More...


UNODC joins top-ranking representatives of key criminal justice institutions in Mozambique to discuss the use and abuse of technology in Mozambique on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

MAPUTO, Mozambique. Worldwide, human traffickers are increasingly making use of technology to facilitate their criminal activities on wider scales and for bigger profits, particularly preying on people in vulnerable situations, especially children. Mozambique has been no exception to this trend, with technologies being widely used by criminals to target, recruit, control and exploit their victims, including through social media, in and through the country. Read More....


UNODC and SADC collaborate to support the Southern African countries to counter the growing threat of terrorism in the region

Lilongwe (Malawi), 29 July 2022 – In recent years, the threat of terrorism in Southern Africa has become more widespread, with terrorist groups seeking to expand their regional presence and networks by using social media, foreign fighters, and illegal trafficking to support their terrorist goals. Read More....


UNODC hosted a workshop on Asset Confiscation for Magistrates in Angola

Luanda, 15- 17 June 2022: UNODC ROSAF through its Project Office in Angola in partnership with the Attorney General’s office and the National Institute for Judiciary Studies (INEJ) held a 3-day workshop on asset confiscation for magistrates


UNODC supports Mozambican authorities to tackle terrorism and its financing in the country

Pemba, Mozambique. The threat of terrorism and violent extremism in the Southern African region continues to be of strategic importance to tackle, while support related counter-measures and efforts of national forces and the international community is needed. In Mozambique, the terrorist threat is a prevailing element, with Islamic terrorist actors and affiliates having increasingly become more sophisticated and attacks being perpetrated against civilians who are forced to leave their homes. read more......


UNODC Webinar to promote implementation of harm reduction programmes and implementation of Opioid Substitution Therapy in South Africa

10 May 2022 UNODC in partnership with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) and WHO organised a webinar titled “Implementation of Opioid Substitution Therapy in South Africa”.

The webinar organized in the form of a virtual roundtable brought together high-level government officials and other stakeholders from South Africa to share experiences and best practices and discuss the way forward for scaling up harm reduction programmes in the country. The webinar created a forum for decision makers to discuss how to scale up access to evidence-informed and human rights-based services and to ensure the continuity and sustainability of HIV, TB, viral hepatitis and STIs prevention, treatment, care, and support services for people who use drugs and people in prisons. Read More...


UNODC promotes an exchange visit between Mozambican leadership and Portugal with a focus on policies and strategies linked with drug prevention and treatment for people who use drugs

Between 27 June – 1 July 2022, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) organized an exchange visit with representatives of key Mozambican institutions to Portugal to discuss the practical implementation of national programs on prevention, treatment, care, and support services for people who use drugs, including in prison settings.


UNODC supports a campaign on World Drug Day against drug use among students in Mozambique

Drug use among vulnerable youth remains a concern in Mozambique, with devastating impacts on individuals and communities.

“Criminals are profiting from people’s misery, with cocaine production at record levels, and a five-fold increase in methamphetamine seizures and an almost quadrupling of amphetamine seizures in the last decade”, said Mr. Marco Teixeira, Head of the UNODC Mozambique Office on the occasion of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (‘World Drug Day’), commemorated on 26 June.


UNODC ROSAF and UN Botswana commemorates World Drug Day and launches the 2022 World Drug Report


27 June 2022, Phakalane, Botswana: Under the theme “Addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crises” and focusing on addressing transnational drug challenges stemming from situations of crisis, United Nations Botswana led by Mr. Zia Choudhury, Resident Coordinator and Ms. Jane Marie Ongolo, UNODC ROSAF Regional Representative, commemorated World Drug Day and launched the 2022 World Drug Report.


Combating Trafficking in Persons, Smuggling of Migrants in the Kingdom of eSwatini

Matsapha, 6-8 June 2022 – UNODC ROSAF in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Justice in the Kingdom of eSwatini convened a Judicial colloquium on combating trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants in the kingdom of eSwatini, which is part of UNODC ROSAF priorities in the SADC Region in enhancing the capacity of Judicial Officers in the response to human trafficking using victim centred approaches.


90 victims of human trafficking rescued at refugee camp in Malawi; five arrests made

UNODC expert fears that “this is just the beginning.”

Lilongwe, (Malawi), May 2022 - The widespread exploitation of men, women, and children at a refugee camp in Malawi has been uncovered by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Malawian Police Service.


UNODC and Southern Africa regional partners join forces to address terrorism and violent extremism

Lilongwe (Malawi), 25 May 2022 – Over the last several years, the threat of terrorism has been looming ever larger over Southern Africa. Terrorist groups, once local dangers, have become increasingly global and less centralized, using social media, foreign fighters, and illicit trafficking to support and carry out their acts of terror.

UNODC supports the launch of Malawi’s five-year Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Lilongwe 23/03/2022: The Government of Malawi and UNODC have joined forces to address the challenges of criminality and security facing the country, with UNODC supporting the Malawian Minister of Homeland Security to launch its five-year Strategic Security Plan.

Transforming societies through anti-corruption innovation: Strengthening public procurement and whistle-blower protection in Southern Africa

11 February 2022 – From bribery and trading in influence to abuse of functions and embezzlement, corruption takes many different forms. While an age-old issue, it is the ever-increasing complexity of the crime, coupled with the impact seen during times of crisis such as during COVID-19, which makes it even more concerning.



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