Inaugural UNODC Southern Africa Newsletter released

We are proud to present to you the inaugural edition of the UNODC Southern Africa Newsletter. This Newsletter is being launched as we have embarked upon the development of the Regional Integrated Programme, in Partnership with the Southern African Development Community (SADC). This coincidence is fortunate. Among other objectives, this Newsletter will serve as a useful vehicle to connect the different stakeholders in the development of the Regional Programme. It will provide concise and timely information at every stage of the process. Beyond the Regional Programme, the Newsletter will connect us to all our partners and colleagues. It will keep everybody informed of our activities and showcase our achievements.
The first editions of our Newsletter will focus on introducing the office - our mandate, projects, partners and staff.
We aim to publish an issue every six weeks and will strive to keep the format of the Newsletter user-friendly and readable at a glance, drawing from the good practice set by our colleagues of the Regional Office of South Asia. For this we also rely on your feedback on possible improvements.
I hope you will enjoy reading this inaugural edition of our Newsletter and look forward to a long partnership with you, our readers.

Mandiaye Niang
Regional Representative

Download the Newsletter here (pdf.) or write to to receive the UNODC Southern Africa Newsletter regularly via email.