Shanghai Drug Abuse Treatment Centre, China

The Shanghai Drug Abuse Treatment Centre is a governmental organization providing drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation services. SDATC is the only government-supported centre in Shanghai and was established in 1997 on the approval of Shanghai Narcotic Control Commission and Shanghai Public Health Bureau.

SDATC is one of the departments of Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC), which is one of the largest and more comprehensive mental health institutions in China. SMHC has multi-functions including prevention, clinical, teaching and training, research, supervision, etc.

The organizational goals are:

  • To provide treatment and other services to drug users
  • To train university students, doctors from other national areas, postgraduate students, continuing education courses, and other specific training programs in the field of drug dependence and treatment.
  • To promote and develop research on drug treatment through the participation in various programs financed by national and international foundations.
  • To interact with the local communities in the promotion of anti-drug activities
  • To be involved as consultants in policy making process regarding drug abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.  

Shanghai Drug abuse treatment centre provides a variety of drug treatment services ranging from:

  • Methadone tapering detoxification
  • Medical treatment for other physical and psychiatric conditions
  • Relapse prevention
  • Group therapy
  • HIV/AIDS prevention education
  • Family education
  • Hotline counseling

Participation in the network will promote information exchange and enhance clinical and research skills. It will provide more collaborative possibilities with other international institutions and build the organization's good reputation.  By participating, the personnel will share research, clinical and other professional resources with the network. We can participate actively in the program initiated by the network and we can contribute in whatever we can to achieve the goals of the network.

Working group

Role of drug treatment in HIV prevention and care

Contact details

Director:           Ms. Min Zhao
Focal Point:       Ms. Min Zhao
Address:           3210 Humin Rd. Shanghai , 201108, China
Phone:             +86-21-64901737-2046
Fax:                 +86-21-64900320

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