CARISMA, Center of Attention and Integral Rehabilitation of Mental Health, Colombia.

The Governmental Social Enterprise CARISMA, centre for mental health treatment and rehabilitation in Antioquia was funded in 1994, after the transformation of a former centre for chronic mental health disorders. Since then it has has enlarged its services to cover the treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependence in the region. Today, CARISMA is dedicated to the promotion of mental health, prevention and treatment of mental heath disorders and, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependence. It is considered a leader institution for the provision of drug treatment and rehabilitation services as well as a centre for research and training of health specialist and other professionals working in the area of mental health and drug dependence.

CARISMA is a national reference centre due to its own drug dependence treatment model and scientific methods. It is based on an individual approach through a multidisciplinary professional team, modern infrastructure, technical support as well as a high compromise with the social dimension of the work.

The objectives of the organization are:

  • To provide specialized services for mental health with high quality standards
  • To develop treatment strategies that are evidence based
  • To guarantee sustainability through the implementation of effective managerial strategies
  • To promote professional development of staff
  • To comply with the institution's social mission and statements

Services provided include in-patient treatment using an interdisciplinary approach comprising a team of psychiatrists, specialist doctors in pharmacodependency, general practitioners, psychologists, social workers, sociologists, occupational therapists, technologist in recreation, professional nurses, auxiliary of infirmary, qualified operators.

Ambulatory treatment through the outpatient clinic and support groups for patients and families affected by drug consumption.
Being part of an international network will allow CARISMA to get in contact with new and different approaches to tackle the problem of drug dependence and its consequences.

CARISMA has locally developed alternative ways to build teamwork with the other municipal and departmental actors in the search for more effective ways to approach the activities of health promotion, prevention and treatment of drug dependence.  Working with international network partners will widen the vision of the drug problem as well as provide information about treatment alternatives from different regions of the world.

Working Group

Sustainable livelihoods, social reintegration and rehabilitation

Contact details

General Manager:      Mr. Mario Alberto ZAPATA V.
Focal Point:             Mr. Mario Zapata V. 
Address:                 Carrera 93 No. 34AA - 01  Medellín, Colombia
Phone:                    +(57-4) 492-73-37
Fax:                       +(57-4) 492-15-76 

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