Mudra, Germany

The association Mudra - alternative youth and drug care - focuses its work on drug consumers in Nuremberg. Mudra's work spectrum provides a wide array of offers including street work, low threshold contact and communication, prevention, counselling, care and substitution therapy, therapeutic aid, employment and qualification projects and aftercare. The close interrelation of Mudra's programmes enables a focused response to the individual life situation of the drug consumers

Mudra understands itself as an integral part of the local and regional drug aid-system and cooperates accordingly with other relevant institutions and services in the region.

The paradigm of "accepting or acceptance-orientated" drug work is a leading principle, especially for the outpatient sector.

Mudra offers a broad spectrum of approaches and treatment modalities for clients abusing and being addicted to illegal drugs, ranging from low-threshold approaches, e.g. street work, to vocational rehabilitation and in- and outpatient psychotherapy.

Treatment models vary in accordance to different target clients and specific needs (low-threshold work, counselling, psychotherapy, after-care, vocational reintegration, prevention, substitution center, self-help groups)

Participation on the network will benefit the personnel e.g. of our vocational-rehabilitation.  Projects usually have long-term effects and also allow the exchange of a broad spectrum of know-how, deriving from a range of different professional backgrounds.

Working Group

Sustainable livelihoods for reintegration and rehabilitation

Contact details
Director:  Bertram Wehner
Focal Point:  Mr. Max Hopperdietzel, Head of Department
Address:  Ludwigstr. 61, Nuernberg Germany
Phone:  +49 911 2059745
Fax:  +49 911 240 59 22


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