T T Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation, India.

A non governmental organization providing drug treatment services in India where alcohol, cannabis, opiate and other pharmaceutical drugs are abused. In India 14.4% of the HIV/AIDS population are injecting drug users. T T Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation has 25 years of experience and is considered a pioneer in addiction management.

The main objectives of the organization are:

  • To provide treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholics and drug addicts and their families
  • To provide effective treatment to villagers at their door steps
  • To create awareness in the community to reduce harm related to alcohol and drug use
  • To provide 'hands on' training to trainers on issues related to addiction. To  sensitize and train professionals and para professionals towards early identification and referral
  • To bring out manuals and booklets for varied target groups on addiction related topics
  • To take on research projects

Continuum of services ranging from detoxification, psychological therapy, follow-up and vocational rehabilitation. Family therapy is considered an integral part of treatment. T T Ranganathan Clinical Research offers the following programs:

  • One month residential addiction treatment programme
  • Three month after care programme
  • Community based treatment camps in rural areas
  • Out reach unit for injecting drug abusers
  • Training centre for service providers in the region
  • Prevention and awareness programmes
  • Publication of manuals and books

By participating in the network personnel at TT Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation aim at:

  • Sharing of knowledge and gaining knowledge from other agencies help in building capacity of the professionals
  • Getting training materials from other  agencies
  • When new issues and problems arise, interacting with other agencies help us in dealing with the issue appropriately

Working Group

Sustainable livelihoods for reintegration and rehabilitation

Contact details

Director:  Dr. Shanthi Ranganathan, Honorary Secretary
Focal Point:  Dr. Shanti Ranganathan, Honorary Secretary
Address: IV Main Road, Indira Nagar, Chennai 600 020Tamil Nadu Chennai, India
Phone:  +44 - 24912948 / 24918461 / 24416458/24426193
Fax:       +44 - 24456078
Website: http:// www.addictionindia.org

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