RS Ketergantungan Obat  (The Drug Dependence Hospital), Indonesia.

Established in 1972 as a Drug Dependence Unit within the Fatmawati General Hospital, dedicated to the providing of drug treatment. In 1974 the services were broadened to provide drug treatment, medical rehabilitation and reintegration services. Today is a National Hospital addressing drug related problems

Aims : "National Referral and Research Centre in Substance-related Disorders".

The objectives of the organization are:

  • To implement prevention programs in substance related problems for the community
  • To implement treatment and rehabilitation program for drug users
  • To provide training and education in substance related problems for health professional and community
  • To implement research and program development in substance related problems
  • To provide general health service to the community


  • to enhance quality, scope and efficiency of a comprehensive drug treatment services
  • to increase hospital management function
  • to develop service pattern towards hospitality, responsiveness and caring mode
  • to increase research and program development in substance related problems at national and international level

Services provided include:

  • Outpatient drug free program: based on counseling and symptomatic medication
  • VCT
  • Inpatient detoxification program: using a tapering dose codeine and symptomatic medication, combine with other psychosocial services (covers dual-diagnosis patients)
  • Substitution program: using buprenorphine and methadone
  • Physical complication treatment, especially to treat AIDS patients with various opportunistic infections
  • Therapeutic community program: combine with 12-step approach (covers dual-diagnosis patients)
  • Primary health care in Cibubur site

Being a network centre will push us to enhance our quality in data management, to update our protocols and standard of care pertain to any kind of services that we have.

Becoming part of a regional network centre will increase our bargaining position in a national level, especially to get official acknowledgment from the government as a teaching hospital.  It will also help us in establishing one of our mission which is establishing substance abuse research centre in the future.

Working Group

Drug treatment in prison settings

Contact details

Director:           Dr. Ratna Mardiati SpKJ
Focal Point:       Ms. Dr. Diah Setia Utami
Address:           Jl. Lapangan Tembak No. 75, Cibubur - 
                      Jakarta Timur, Indonesia. 
Phone  :          +62-21- 87711968; +62-21-7695461
Fax:                +62-21-7504022,  62-21- 87711970

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