Triangular Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre, Iran

Governmental organization providing drug treatment and rehabilitation services in prison settings.

Main aim of centre is to combat HIV /AIDS and reversing the spread of it. In this way the centre has the following objectives:

  • To improve information of affected groups regarding HIV/AIDS/Drug Abuse
  • To improve information of staff regarding HIV/AIDS/Drug Abuse
  • To provide access to facilities regarding harm reduction
  • To improve the quality of life and empowerment of affected citizens

Services provided include: 

  • Inpatient unit and therapeutic community
  • Non residential:  Hospital outpatient treatment centre, structured day care centre/day hospital and out patient health centre/social service centre
  • Based in general services: Outpatient mental health care centre, Primary health care services, Residential social care facility, Non-residential social care facility
  • Voluntary

Being members of the network would help our centre to improve logistics and budget limits, improve programing, capacity building, updating team's information, encouragement of staff, increase self confidence, amongst others.

Working Group

Drug treatment and rehabilitation in prison settings

Contact details

Director:           Dr. Parviz Afshar
Focal Point:       Dr. Parviz Afshar
Address:           Rajayee Shahr Prison,  Kraj City-Iran
Phone:            + 98 261 44 36 773
Fax:               + 98 261 440 1003

Iranian National Centre for Addiction Studies (INCAS), Iran.

INCAS acts as a major research and training center for interventions in substance abuse in Iran. It acts as an academic center to coordinate research activities, supervise training and clinical interventions; to offer consultation to authorities about policy making in demand reduction and best practice guidelines. It is also a think tank for experts in the field.

Services provided include

  • Detoxification
  • Agonist maintenance therapy
  • Counseling: Individual, Group, Family.
  • Relapse prevention
  • Self help groups
  • Psychotherapy

Iran is suffering from a large-scale drug abuse problem. Despite the fact, demand reduction efforts including treatment are quite new in the nation with limited extension and resources. Meanwhile during the recent years a rapidly growing clinical sector for addiction has emerged. Such rapid growth needs elaboration and exchange of information and expertise. Regarding the peculiarities of the Middle East involvement of regional centers seems more appealing. We believe that Iran with the unfortunately large addiction affliction has much to offer and in return is eager to learn when it comes to clinical interventions in drug abuse.

Working Group

Drug treatment in prisons

Contact details

Director:           Emran Mohammad Razzaghi
Focal Point:       Azarash Mokri
Address:           South Kargar, Teheran, Iran
Phone:             +98 21 541 5225, +98 542 1166, 542 4624
Fax:                 +98 21 541 2232

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