National Research and Clinical Centre on Medical and Social Problems of Drug Abuse, Kazakhstan

Governmental organization responsible for undertaking effective drug abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, research and monitoring of drug abuse issues in the country.

The key objectives of the Centre are:

Develop and implement effective diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation programmes for drug abusers;

Participate in the development of the national drug demand reduction strategies,  Develop national and regional programmes and assist in their implementation;

Coordinate information, research and technical support for the national and regional demand reduction programmes; Undertake scientific monitoring of drug abuse trends and patterns, drug abuse related data collection, analysis and dissemination; Develop and implement research and training programmes on various areas of drug demand reduction;

Develop, print and disseminate various information materials on drug demand reduction;  Publish periodic journals, magazines and other publications for the professionals involved in demand reduction and public as a whole; Organize scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables and other meetings on drug demand reduction, develop an maintain cooperation and partnership with similar centre in abroad;

Advisory and technical support to other institutions on organisation, management and development of drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services; Establish the network of medical and social rehabilitation centres across the country;  Establish and develop the coordination system of institutions and specialists involved in drug abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation;

Provide drug treatment service providers with qualified staff and modern techniques;

Develop the legal and normative framework for the development of drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services system

The Centre provides a range of diversified services to the clients, that include screening and diagnostics, detoxification, psychosocial counselling, HIV/AIDS counselling, symptomatic treatment, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural interventions, social and labour integration, medical/social and psychological rehabilitation, life skills training, after care support, self-help groups, etc.

Participation within the International network of drug treatment and rehabilitation resource centres could be beneficial to our Centre in following areas: development of international contacts, learn other centres experiences, expand the range of services and develop technical and methodological potential.

Participation of our Centre in the network will give an opportunity to share our experience in treatment, diagnostics, rehabilitation and prevention of drug abuse with other Centres and organizations providing narcological treatment.

Working Group

Community based treatment

Contact details

Director:        Mr. Sagat Altynbekov
Focal Point:    Dr. Alexander Katkov
Address:        200 Kutuzova Str., Pavlodar 637023,  Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone:           (3182) 57-29-39, 57-29-40, 45-48-61
Fax:              (3182) 57-29-40, 45-48-61

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