Drug Rehabilitation Unit, Mathari Hospital, Kenya

Governmental organization established in 2003 in order to provide drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation services with the aim to become a centre of excellence for treatment, training and research.

The main objectives of the centre are:

  • Provision of in- and out-patient treatment to drug users using a multidisciplinary approach. This includes detoxification, rehabilitation and management of co-morbid disorders.
  • Training of under- and postgraduate medical students, psychology students, nursing students and other mental health workers.
  • Conducting evidence based research.
  • To collaborate regionally, nationally and internationally with other drug treatment and rehabilitation centers.

For the provision of services a multidisciplinary approach is used for both in-patients and out-patients. The centre offers a wide range of psychotropic medication and many other modalities/approaches are used. Counselling/psychotherapy, occupational therapy, recreational activities and guidance are also provided. The centre also makes use of out reach services through community nursing department and covering law offenders through the forensic psychiatry.

The centre follows quality assurance committee guidelines and protocols set by the Ministry of Health.
By participating in the network the centre will obtain Inter-centre collaboration to improve service provision, training and research. This will assist in exchange of ideas as well as bring in more innovative technologies for all centres within the network. It will also assist in capacity building, formulating policies for best practice and assist in evidence based research.

Our centre would provide information on illicit African drugs like Khat, the twin pandemic of HIV and IV drugs use  and many bio-psycho-social aspect of drug use in Eastern Africa

Working Group

Role of drug treatment in HIV/AIDS prevention and care

Contact details
Director:           Dr. Hitesh M. Maru
Focal Point:       Dr. Hitesh M. Maru
Address:           P.O. Box 40663 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone:             + 254-20-3763317
Fax:                + 254-20-3763317


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