Centros de Integración Juvenil A.C., Mexico.

Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ) is a Civil Association Organization with a mixed economy. Part of the budget comes from the Government and part from community resources through the Board of Governors.

Centros de Integración Juvenil (Juvenile Integration Centers), is an organization whose programs are designed to reach juvenile and adult population on Prevention, Treatment, Research and Training on drug addiction programs. It is the largest and more important organization in Mexico dealing with drug abuse. The increasing number of units all along the Country is due to community-based research to determine high-risk areas and social demand to increase our services.

Our programs are designed according to international and national normative guidelines and we focus on populations at risk. Most of our services are offered on outpatient units. We also have 4 residential facilities and one methadone clinic. Treatment is based on the medical model and psychosocial approaches, and includes socio-laboral reinsertion modalities. It also takes in account the relevant experiences of alternative medicine and cultural beliefs. 

Centros de Integración Juvenil offers specialized residential and non residential services provided by psychiatrists, general physicians, psychologists and social workers with a multidisciplinary approach. The institution also provides outpatient mental health care services. All services are provided on a Voluntary basis.

Specific services include: Detoxification, Agonist maintenance therapy, Counselling, Relapse prevention, Rehabilitation, Family support, After care.

We think it is beneficial because it provides a vehicle to exchange experiences with other countries with similar problems and different approaches. It also would be beneficial trough enhancing our prevention and treatment programs and strengthen the cooperation to achieve common goals.

We will share with other centres our expertise dealing with drug abuse and dependence in the Mexican population

Working Group

Drug treatment in prison settings

Contact details

Director:           Dr. Víctor Manuel Guisa Cruz
Focal Point:       Dr. Eduardo Riquelme, Chief of Staff
Address:           Tlaxcala 208.  6° Piso. Col. Hipódromo. CP 06100 México D.F.
Phone:             +52 -59 997-700
Website:           http://www.cij.gob.mx/

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